We’re the technology that helps you focus on what matters

At IT Systems Solutions, our team of IT specialists is always available to help with your day-to-day IT needs. We’ll provide you with the resources you need to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Streamline your business with IT solutions

If you’re struggling with IT issues, overwhelmed by technical jargon or tired of waiting for slow IT support, then we’ve got the solution for you!

As a leading IT Support Services Provider in the industry, we provide comprehensive IT Support Services to help our clients streamline their business operations. At IT Systems Solutions, we’re passionate about our work and we believe in providing a positive experience for everyone we come into contact with. We understand how important it is for us to care about what we do and how it affects others – so we do just that – all day, every day!

We are a top-notch team of problem solvers.

Our extensive experience & mastery of a wide variety of skills has given us a unique edge to make us your perfect partner for what you need next. We bring our industry expertise and cutting-edge technologies to bear on every project so that you get the best experience possible with us.

We've been helping local businesses since 1996

For almost two decades, IT Systems Solutions has been delivering top-quality & affordable IT solutions to the greater Los Angeles Area’s businesses. And we don’t just work with small or medium businesses – our qualified technicians have a viable solution for any size company.

Superior customer service

At IT Systems Solutions we believe our customers deserve nothing less than superior customer service and quality workmanship. We aim to deliver both by providing our clients with an attentive and responsive engineering team. Because when it comes to your business, your time is money!


we’re the best in the industry with years of experience under our belt.


Miguel Cuevas,

Founder and Owner

IT Systems Solutions, Inc., was founded by Miguel Angel Cuevas.

Miguel saw that many small businesses would function more efficiently, and be more solid and financially stable, with systems designed to fit their needs. Drawing on two decades of experience, he created IT Systems Solutions, Inc., an IT Support firm that specializes in the development and maintenance of systems for the small business environment, including data backup, networking administration, managed services, IT Support, Security Services, cloud support, preventive maintenance, help desk a now certified, Local Small Business, Minority Business.

Miguel is excited to be successfully pursuing a career he loves while providing needed services. He credits his success at business with having a balanced life, making time for movies, dance, and travel. An avid hiker, he explores mountain and beach paths with his favorite hiking partner, his dog “Mickey.”


Operations Manager


Cybersecurity Specialist


Low-Voltage Technician





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